Bliviewer : Surely green 100 face oil (BD pre-launching]







1 years ago (19-05-05 07:09:00)

This is a very late post, but Im going ahead and put in my comments on this product.
This was a surprise when i received this Oil to try out. I have never use any Korean Face Oil, therefore i gave it a try. as I am dropping a few drops of the Oil there is a very strong smell which I do not care at all.  The consistence of the oil is very rich and heavy so you don't need a whole lot so little goes a long way...  After using this for a month i noticed that my skin completion has changed from poor to healthy, Poor due to being a diabetic pretty much all my life where my skin takes a long time to heals, more so when i have hyper-pigmentation due to acne etc.  Using this Oil it has helped my skin has clear up and smooth out my skin. I can only use only this every other month. If i don't my skin will turn to be a very greasy and heavy feeling..

1 years ago (19-04-29 23:01:00)

I haven't use a korean product's so i'd like to try it for the first time

1 years ago (19-04-25 14:24:00)

Excited to try because my skin type is combination

1 years ago (19-04-12 13:51:00)

i want to try it❤

1 years ago (19-04-08 21:46:00)

I just want to try this please please

1 years ago (19-03-25 18:26:00)

I am willing to try these k product.. hopefully..

1 years ago (19-03-25 18:25:00)

I am willing to try thise k product..

1 years ago (19-03-23 01:16:00)

i really love this korean beauty products this is the best of the best , and the " glass skin " effect i really love it

1 years ago (19-03-22 10:29:00)

Excited to try!!

1 years ago (19-03-05 01:03:00)

Excited for being part of this love it!!!!!!! #yay