Bliviewer : Surely green 100 face oil (BD pre-launching]



7 hours ago (19-02-22 00:07:00)

This products keeps My skin glowing and very natural looking

2 days ago (19-02-19 12:14:00)

I am so eager to try this newly launched product. For me, the packaging is really cute and different. I love to use natural products so for me, this product is a most. Since my skin is dry..face oils Are always needed. So, I would like to give it a try

6 days ago (19-02-15 19:01:00)

I haven't try this product, but i think i'll buy it because of the content. If i get my skin itchy or any sun burn, i'll use it because it can soothe my skin

10 days ago (19-02-11 14:16:00)

Unfortunately I was not chosen to be a blingdear reviewer for this product but my cousin bought it for me and I was a bit scared to use oil on my face as I am sensitive on the topic of skin's appearance especially mine and I did not want to experience more breakouts but luckily this product has helped a lot it faded my acne scars a bit and has minimize the amount of acne appearances on my face I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO TRYYY

12 days ago (19-02-09 19:33:00)

Have never usedd face oil definitely want to try this product coz m genuinely a huge fan of #blingdear and aftr watching videos of users who have used these products. M very excited to use itttt.

13 days ago (19-02-09 02:23:00)

Gracias este aceite. Me cantaria probarlo

13 days ago (19-02-08 23:36:00)

I would love to try this !!

13 days ago (19-02-08 15:52:00)

I have oily skin, never tried face oil before, but this face oil look promising

14 days ago (19-02-07 14:20:00)

I love anything green. I look forward to add oil into my routine as I don't use any oil for now. Thank you for the chance!

14 days ago (19-02-07 10:35:00)

I nver tried oil for my face coz its already too oily but i still wanna try. I tried so many cream but non of them can solve my blackhead problem

15 days ago (19-02-07 05:46:00)

I dont use face oil but i want to try it

15 days ago (19-02-07 04:30:00)

I am fans of face oil. i have been using a lot of face oil and cannot wait to try this. love the packaging

15 days ago (19-02-07 02:35:00)

I have not used any face oil ever since so I am super excited to try this one.

15 days ago (19-02-06 20:29:00)

Ouh! That's my first event!! I am so excited to try this oil, obviously i will give an honest review.  (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ✿)

15 days ago (19-02-06 13:03:00)

I would love to try this oil. One thing I have learned yhrough my use and learning about Korean skincare, is not to be afraid of oil even though I have oily skin. Many oils balance the skin and are especially helpful in healing damage from the sun, acne, and weather.