Bliviewer : Mini hand cream set (4pc)







7 months ago (21-04-01 02:04:00)

Hand cream !
I think this is the best product for those girl who wash their hand a lot during a day ,their hands become dry and lifeless.This cream helps to heel your deed skin and moisturize your hand for long time .This fragrance is amazing . After use this cream hands become so soft and fresh .

8 months ago (21-03-24 19:30:00)

Actually i want to try a korean product beacuse here in india i have even not rarely found a product which make my skin good and look healthy .many people have told me to use a korean product but jn india i don think that there is any korean product available,may be it is but i don know.and i seriously want to use a korean product

1 years ago (20-10-24 14:24:00)

I love everything  about Korea nd specially there skin care..... So I also want to try this....

1 years ago (20-07-09 08:32:00)

I want to try this product, the packaging is so cute and girly

1 years ago (20-06-29 15:13:00)

I hope I could win. Would love to try these products to avoid my skin from getting dry since its very humid and sunny here in the phils.

1 years ago (20-06-25 02:00:00)

Its the best hand cream i have used! the fragrance is so soothing. already used so many tubes. 

1 years ago (20-06-15 19:40:00)

Hope to win❤️

1 years ago (20-06-22 18:29:00)

Me too dear i really want this product

2 years ago (19-07-29 12:43:00)

I am writing a review on this box set of hand creams. I noticed how this is a creamy reach solution that's staying on my hands for a long period of time. I didn't need to keep reapplying which is very good because I tend to wash my hands a lot.  It is lightly fragrant so there no clashing of your body sprays or perfumes.

2 years ago (19-07-18 18:15:00)

I would try this product, I'm very curious about this!