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5 months ago (20-04-18 16:24:00)

Hi im new in this group and i have followed your YouTube channel.

5 months ago (20-04-17 22:59:00)

Hi all, new here to the community! How do I add myself to the event? :)
hope you are all having a great day!

Giovanna Noya
5 months ago (20-03-29 08:45:00)

Hoping to win

1 years ago (19-05-30 22:55:00)

Didn't win this event but congratulations to the winner!

1 years ago (19-05-30 17:28:00)

Idk whos the winner but congratulations to you :)

Dyenkaye Salude…
1 years ago (19-05-29 20:49:00)

Trying my luck again on this event at

1 years ago (19-05-29 14:07:00)

Anyone know how to check the result?

1 years ago (19-05-28 22:27:00)

Heard lots amazing reviews regarding about this toner. I hope I would be given a chance to try this too and make review about it

1 years ago (19-05-28 18:22:00)

I joined this event,  just chexked my page to see if I won but it says i have 0 events huhu why is that so. I was really hoping to win.

Dyenkaye Salude…
1 years ago (19-05-28 16:51:00)

I’m hoping to win this. I will help my skin