Bliviewer : Real gel tint #01 Red







2 months ago (19-06-18 16:57:00)

This is awesome product...i have used it like million times...good thing about this product is that it is water base which keep your lips always hydrated and this colour always in can apply it with your ethnic wear, party wear nd regular just need to maintain its consistency...always ❤️this product. Its worth buying

2 months ago (19-06-18 01:07:00)

Its an awesome tint.......just a little goes long and gives that red flush on cheeks totally in love with this

3 months ago (19-06-13 19:44:00)

Hey. I just received my gift today. It was amazing. The texture is a little bit watery but the finishing product is amazing. It doesn't give any stains because it dried up pretty quickly. And the scent is so nice. I will love to try this product again. Thanks for sending me this product

3 months ago (19-06-12 22:31:00)

Wow!!! I just received it in my mail today! Can't believe I am so lucky to be one of the winner.. Thank you so much!! I will use it with a grateful heart! The pigment is really rich and have smooth texture!

3 months ago (19-06-09 02:27:00)

Hope to get a chance to try this product

3 months ago (19-06-01 22:16:00)

It is very long lasting which I really love and I hope I can get gifted by this in the future

3 months ago (19-05-24 12:37:00)

I would wish to have this one..

Elena Moreno Be…
3 months ago (19-05-24 08:54:00)

I love the reds for my lips, it's the most beautiful color a woman can wear

Muniba Sajjad
3 months ago (19-05-23 19:45:00)

Hoping to win this one

Muniba Sajjad
3 months ago (19-05-23 19:45:00)

Hping to win this one