Bliviewer : Surely green 100 face oil







Dyenkaye Salude…
5 days ago (19-05-21 13:21:00)

Waiting for the result of this event

6 days ago (19-05-20 12:29:00)

I really hope i can win this product. And I'll give my best to give a honest review if i win

7 days ago (19-05-19 16:44:00)

Last time, I don't even know what is the usage of toner or serum. And I didn't even use any toner after I washed my face. A cleanser is all I have.

HOWEVER, now I had learnt about how importance is to take care a women's skin. Thus, I hope blingdear can help me to take care of my skin more by letting me to have the chance to win this.

7 days ago (19-05-19 16:03:00)

I want to try this product ...i think this is so amazing . Im newbie here i hope i win

7 days ago (19-05-19 11:34:00)

I am a newbie here in Bling'dear, I am try my luck and joining this event. Hoping to get chosen. I super duper love anything Korean, especially skincare and beauty products. I like trying new products & I promise to do a honest review and recommend it to others. Thank you for his opportunity. More powers and God bless.

8 days ago (19-05-18 18:41:00)

I need this because my skin is dry and this is the perfect opportunity to try out an oil based product to hydrate and moisturise my skin

8 days ago (19-05-18 11:25:00)

A always include face oil on my skincare routine because its a great one on pampering / fixing our skin

Maria Tracy Jea…
8 days ago (19-05-18 10:07:00)

I always use face oil in my routine and this commleaf face oil would be a great addition to my stuff. ♥

8 days ago (19-05-18 09:20:00)

I really wanna try this stuff hopefully to win

Riri Andriyani
8 days ago (19-05-18 06:24:00)