Bliviewer : Vita B5 Toner







1 months ago (19-05-10 23:50:00)

i hope i can get this product

2 months ago (19-04-16 16:43:00)

To be honest I haven't use this product yet..
BUT I'M VERY MUCH OPEN TO EXPLORE NEW THINGS ESPECIALLY IN KOREAN PRODUCTS.. Cause I'm a KPop and KDrama Fan and I really want to use any product from Korea.. If Given a chance that I can use any of tge products then I will really recommend an honest review to my friends in facebook in instagram and other social media accounts...

2 months ago (19-04-15 23:40:00)

I hope i can get this toner. I want to try take care of my skin from now

2 months ago (19-04-13 22:05:00)

Been looking for toner and this one seems good for the skin.

2 months ago (19-04-13 19:54:00)

I hope to get this product so i can try..

Leah Marizh
2 months ago (19-04-12 12:32:00)

Hope I can get a chance to have try this product. I am planning to start a blog and listing all possible stuffs that I can review and beauty products are one on my lists

2 months ago (19-04-11 23:28:00)

i hope this product will be given to me because i want to try it if it will help me make my skin more pretty and healthy.

2 months ago (19-04-11 22:39:00)

I want to try this product because I want to have a beautiful skin. I hope I can have this.

2 months ago (19-04-11 20:30:00)

I wish I could try this product because I was curious about the quality. I want to have beautiful skin through this toner..

2 months ago (19-04-11 19:16:00)

I hope i can try this this product because i want to experience the glass skin. I want to get rid my pimples. Please