Bliviewer : Clear spot patch (18pcs)



22 hours ago (19-03-24 19:27:00)

I want to try this one

22 hours ago (19-03-24 18:58:00)

Never wear or use any beauty product before except Or***ame (only the soap though). My skin is kind of sensitive of beauty product that didnt match. Could get pimples and became itchy at some point. But, honestly i do really want to try the "spot patch" first. If its good, then maybe i'll consider something. Hope i get it.

1 days ago (19-03-24 13:55:00)

I really want to experience to be beautiful girl i hope i got a chance to be choosen for me to able to have more confidence to face others thru beauty

2 days ago (19-03-23 08:29:00)

I really wanna try this korean pimple patches because I have so many dark spots and pimples,so hope I win so I can try this and if suites on my skin,will buy more of this product.

2 days ago (19-03-23 02:33:00)

I really want to get the pimples patches because I have long been wanting to try this don't have a money to buy this kind of pimple patches.
And I hope that through of  it will be reduced my pimples.

3 days ago (19-03-21 21:57:00)

I tried this one already, and i must say that this one is a must buy product, it helps to lessen your pimples. This will really work for everyone.

3 days ago (19-03-21 19:51:00)

I would like to have a review on my IG and on my Youtube channel about this product! I love SomebyMI products and it is suitable on my skin! - Coco Manuel

4 days ago (19-03-21 15:17:00)

I really want this, i have so many pimple i want to try this product so much

8 days ago (19-03-17 06:21:00)

I really want to win it ,I was so curious and ready to write my first review  yeyyy ^_^

8 days ago (19-03-16 20:07:00)

I would like to win this. I have a lot of acne on my face and nothing works on my skin,only kbeauty works like magic.

9 days ago (19-03-16 16:41:00)

I'm really hoping I could try this one. I have been on the look out for finding the best pimple patch for these angry little beings on my face. I want to know if this is going to be the next big thing in the bunch of praised pimple patches. It would be my first event if ever I can review this product. I'm so excited! I hope I get the chance!

9 days ago (19-03-16 12:04:00)

I heard that some by mi products are very good and I really want to try their products. Lately I have many pimples and really want to hide it and this product will br very helpful

10 days ago (19-03-15 17:19:00)

I want this....

Riri Andriyani
10 days ago (19-03-15 17:19:00)

I was curious about all the somebymi and i want try all products somebymi because after I tried the AHA series. BHA. PHA 30 day miracle I immediately fell in love, the product was very good, the results were satisfying. I really want to try this acne patch. surely this will be very useful to cover my pimples during my period because every period of acne will appear

Riri Andriyani
10 days ago (19-03-15 17:18:00)

Wohhooooowww i want