Bliviewer : Clear spot patch (18pcs)






7 days ago (19-05-16 17:47:00)

I've try this and this is a really good product. This helped to lessen the visibility of some of my acne scars. Though I still have lots of 'em (acne scars). I'll continue to use this product even it is somehow pricey for a student like me. All in all it's a thumbs up.

Elena Moreno Be…
21 days ago (19-05-02 07:33:00)

A fantastic product, has helped me a lot with my mestrual grains in a single use were no longer and the most rebellious in two days with the patches nor came out.  Very recommended

28 days ago (19-04-25 23:53:00)

I would love to try it because somebymi is a quite popular brand for it's effectiveness  hope it can treat my unwanted acnes.

1 months ago (19-04-12 10:05:00)

I saw some review of a korean product and its really good..i wanna try this product also but cant afford to buy it..

1 months ago (19-04-08 21:53:00)

I want to try this product

1 months ago (19-03-28 01:53:00)

I've tried the Somebymi toner & it really satisfied me with the result. As i have lots of scar on my face before, now it faded away. I love this product!! ❤️

1 months ago (19-03-24 19:27:00)

I want to try this one

1 months ago (19-03-24 18:58:00)

Never wear or use any beauty product before except Or***ame (only the soap though). My skin is kind of sensitive of beauty product that didnt match. Could get pimples and became itchy at some point. But, honestly i do really want to try the "spot patch" first. If its good, then maybe i'll consider something. Hope i get it.

1 months ago (19-03-24 13:55:00)

I really want to experience to be beautiful girl i hope i got a chance to be choosen for me to able to have more confidence to face others thru beauty

2 months ago (19-03-23 08:29:00)

I really wanna try this korean pimple patches because I have so many dark spots and pimples,so hope I win so I can try this and if suites on my skin,will buy more of this product.