Yay or Nay : Blingdear box giveaway event








1 months ago (19-04-07 10:46:00)

Oh My God...this is a big event & i hope try all products cos l'm so love Korean Skincare.

1 months ago (19-03-26 15:31:00)

Can I try Korean products is my pleasure to try Korean products

1 months ago (19-03-25 18:17:00)

Yay!!i love to try all those product.. even some of those are first time to use but i love to see the effect of it in my skin.. i always see my friends using those product.. i like the effect on them.. please allow me to be the one to win.. so i can try them by my self..

2 months ago (19-03-23 12:19:00)

i cant used ur product .but il really love to used i hope u give me a change to used it..

2 months ago (19-03-23 00:14:00)

yay i have tried one of this products that's why i want to win. I want to give other products a try for me to see if it would work on my combination skin

2 months ago (19-03-22 17:07:00)

yay i have never tried one of this products that's why i want to win and give it a try to see if it would work on my oily skin

2 months ago (19-03-10 22:16:00)

#yay for cosrx original clear pads! bha pads really works for my skin and keep my skin smooth and free from acne!

2 months ago (19-03-08 23:33:00)

#yay to the CommLeaf Oil

2 months ago (19-03-06 02:33:00)

Yay for the Toner Áloe BHA from Benton thanks to him, the texture of my skin has improved a lot. I have very sensitive skin and it is the only tonic with acids that does not irritate my skin. NAY The Cosrx tonic applied to me and my face burned. I honestly love Korean products in general and there are very few that have disappointed me. I hope to be chosen in this draw and have the opportunity to try the Bontree cream that I have so much hope to try. Good luck to all!

2 months ago (19-03-06 02:27:00)

Oh my good!! Thank you for this Event. Yay for all products Benton and Nay for products Cosrx