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2 months ago (19-03-02 08:16:00)

I am prone to acne... Seriously i had to switch from different product because it does not improve my friends recommend this product to me.. And #yay miracle my acne were gone by little by little my face is now almost free from acne and i feel its smoothness..

Riri Andriyani
2 months ago (19-02-26 18:52:00)

how do you see the results? I want to know who the winner is

2 months ago (19-02-26 22:06:00)

Yeah same here. I did see this page since the morning.

2 months ago (19-02-24 18:44:00)

I have a very serious skin problem. For 5 months, I have used various skincare products, but my skin is getting worse. In November 2018 I found this product and bought it.  After almost two months of use, the zits get smaller and disappear. Even though now my face has been cleansed from pimples, I still use this product. I love this product, is like a miracle to found this product. In everywhere and everyday I always use this product. This product make my face so fresh. 난 정말 너무 좋아합니다!

2 months ago (19-02-24 18:30:00)

2 months a go before i found this product i've really bad acne all of my face. I had use the herbal product but they not work on me. Till my friend told me that Some By Mi is good for my situation acne that time, so without think twice i buy Some By Mi Toner, soap, serum and cream.. and thats alhamdulillah my acne is reduced and this product is purging with me, but i dont wanna to stop that time, and now.. my acne are little left over because them. I used this product for only a month, and i dont think to stop used them because i loved them so much. Thank you some by mi, you restore my confidence.

3 months ago (19-02-24 02:32:00)

Im currently using B&Soap apate black wash off pack as a mask, Nacific real floral as a toner, Nacific phyto niacin whitening serum but im also using The body shop tea tree anti-imprefection daily solution. Hope I can try ur products too! #Blingdear #Somebymi

3 months ago (19-02-24 02:29:00)

I've been using different kinds of skincare products that can match my skin type and instead of having glowing and moisturized skin I ended up having breakouts, so im gonna put my bet on ur products! hope to get one these starter kit giveaway #Blingdear #Somebymi  xoxo

Zehra Qureshi
3 months ago (19-02-23 20:50:00)

Joined and left reviews

3 months ago (19-02-23 20:12:00)

I never really received any product from blingdear actually,i hope im lucky for this one..

2 months ago (19-02-27 09:53:00)

same huhu